Hubbells Rio Darlin III

Date of Birth:
Hubbells Rio Darlin has the genetics and structure to set her apart. Darlin is stout in the way she is made and very maternal. She had produced a calf early every year and they all have bright futures. We are proud to have a such well made female in our herd.
Owner Name:
Twin Canyons Cattle Company
Hubbell's Longhorns
PH #:
Reg #1:
Hubbells Rio Darlin III
Measurement TypeMeasurementMeasurement DateMeasurement CommentsOfficial MeasurementOfficial Locations
Tip to Tip79.375010/27/2022  
Total Horn95.500010/27/2022  
Base11.750012/30/201992 mo 
Composite194.000012/30/201992 mo 
Tip to Tip76.500012/30/201992 mo 
Total Horn94.000012/30/201992 mo 
Base11.500006/21/201986 mo 
Composite188.500006/21/201986 mo 
Tip to Tip75.750006/21/201986 mo 
Total Horn90.000006/21/201986 mo 
Base11.500001/14/201980 mo 
Composite187.000001/14/201980 mo 
Tip to Tip75.000001/14/201980 mo 
Total Horn89.000001/14/201980 mo 
Tip to Tip74.000001/04/201868 MO 
Total Horn88.000001/04/201868 mo 
Base11.500005/26/201761 months 
Composite182.750005/26/201761 months 
Tip to Tip72.250005/26/201761 months 
Total Horn87.500005/26/201761 months 
Base11.250001/28/201757 months 
Composite178.250001/28/201757 mnonths 
Tip to Tip71.250001/28/201757 months 
Total Horn84.500001/28/201757 months 
Base11.500007/18/201650 months 
Composite174.500007/18/201650 months 
Tip to Tip70.000007/18/201650 months 
Total Horn81.500007/18/201650 months 
Tip to Tip49.0000