About Us!

Twin Canyons Cattle Company is located in the beautiful historic small town of Granbury, Texas. We breed and raise registered Texas Longhorns and Herefords.

We are committed to animal welfare and take very good care of our cattle. Our Longhorns and Herefords have plenty of room to roam around on our 600 + acres of green pasture.

We strive to continually improve our herd genetically and carefully select which cattle to bring into our herd when adding new members. A strong pedigree from top to bottom is very important for us when purchasing cattle. The pedigrees of all our cattle can be traced for several generations while some can be linked to some of the best bulls in the industry. Our goal is to produce top quality animals with great size, amazing disposition, and overall appearance.

We’re glad you came across our page and invite you to look at our herds and check out our for-sale stock and beef store. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our cattle or beef.

A portion of your purchase of our beef will be donated to Martha's Ranch Foundation.

A non profit organization raising awareness for Autism.

Around Our Ranch!

Twin Canyons Cattle Co.

Twin Canyons Cattle Co.

Twin Canyons Cattle Co.